Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taxi Sono Qui!!!

So I know this is a week to late but I have been away and I wanted to blog about my Jersey Shore Fiesta! I am a huge fan of the show so for the premiere of their season in Italy I invited some friends over for a mini pre-party and then the main event - - JERSEY SHORE!!!

To kick off the night we made the Jersey signature drink Ron Ron Juice (for those underaged we made the non alcoholic version).  The drink consists of a combination of Watermelon Juice, Cranberry Juice, Vodka and Cherries. Mix with ice and you get a sort of summer slushy.  Now I'm sure that the people on the show use way more alcohol than we did but, it was great the way we made it.  The only suggestion is to strain out the small shavings of cherry that end up in your drink, otherwise it ends up to much like pulp in orange juice (yuck!).
For the Non-alcoholic version I used sprite instead of Vodka!

For dessert I made chocolate dipped banana bites covered in coconut! They were equally delicious!
the Plain ones defrosted to quickly so it was better to roll them in coconut!

My friends and I dressed up for the event and had a blast, hopefully this season will live up to the hype!